My All-Star Selection

The All-Stars is always a topic that raises much debate this time of the year. The reason for the debate is that it is almost impossible to select the best 15 players in their positions for the year gone by without leaving out players that were just as good, if not better even in some Read more about My All-Star Selection[…]

Believe before you can achieve

One of the things most that I miss about playing county football is the drive into Croke Park on the team coach. The thought of playing in the best stadium in Ireland in front of thousands of supporters. The butterfly feeling in your gut getting more and more intense as you drive down Jones’s Road Read more about Believe before you can achieve[…]

More attack minded teams producing greater results

Our game is changing – and changing for the better. So far, this year’s championship has been far from a bore-fest with a lot of teams going out to win the match first and foremost without being overly concerned about containing their opponents. With this type of attitude, we have seen higher scoring games and Read more about More attack minded teams producing greater results[…]

Moments of pure footballing brilliance

We are now getting to the stage of the championship where a moment of pure brilliance from an individual can make the difference in a team getting over the line. A moment from an individual that inspires his team-mates, a moment that sparks life into the crowd, those jaw-dropping moments that you say that in itself was worth the admission Read more about Moments of pure footballing brilliance[…]

The Iconic Midfielder

The one player that I pretended to be playing football in the garden as a youngster was the one and only Jack O’Shea. I loved to be him, soloing the ball before blasting it against the fence as if to score a goal. The celebration would then follow and the process would be repeated time Read more about The Iconic Midfielder[…]

How you should react when you’re not named in the starting 15.

Being named as a substitute in any match should be a disappointment to any player, particularly a player that has been going well in training. But, as we all know, only 15 can start and every manager constantly reminds their players of this fact. I know exactly what this disappointment feels like having experienced it Read more about How you should react when you’re not named in the starting 15.[…]

Geezer epitomised leadership

When you sit in a dressing room amongst a team striving to be successful, you should be looking around at a room full of strong characters. Characters that possess a will to win, an unbelievable desire to gain the advantage on their direct opponent, guys who never panic when the pressure comes on, guys that Read more about Geezer epitomised leadership[…]

Area’s to improve on to master “Breaking Ball”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means an expert on breaking ball but I have had years of experience of learning to play off a player like Ronan Clarke that many of the same principles apply. Ronan was one of the most exceptional and influential full-forwards of his generation, but unfortunately a player that Read more about Area’s to improve on to master “Breaking Ball”[…]