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Intercounty Titles

10 Senior Titles for Armagh

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International Career

11 International Rules appearances

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International Rules

Record point scorer in International Rules with 118 points

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Club Career

18 Years senior football for Killeavy

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County Career

161 games played for Armagh

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County Goals

53 goals scored for Armagh

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County Points

504 points scored for Armagh

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Club, County, Province and Country Captain
Motivation, Leadership and Success

Steven McDonnell is one of the most recognisable figures in Irish sporting circles and considered among the greatest Gaelic footballers Armagh has ever produced. Having played inter-county football from 1999 to 2012, McDonnell has claimed every accolade in the modern game. For his county, these achievements include the All-Ireland Senior Championship in 2002, the National League Division 1 title in 2005 as well as a remarkable seven Ulster Senior Championship titles in 10 years. Read More

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