The Free-Kick Revival

A huge debt of gratitude will be owed to Seán O’Shea and Rian O’Neill in years to come. Both of these guys have demonstrated to the whole country in high-octane moments the importance of having a reliable free-taker capable of putting the ball over the bar when everything is at stake.I have long been an Read more about The Free-Kick Revival[…]

Mayo will have plenty to fear from Tyrone’s ‘Mentality Monsters’

Jürgen Klopp once labelled his Liverpool team “Mentality Monsters”. On the evidence of what we witnessed in Croke Park on Saturday evening, the exact same could be said of Tyrone. They took the mother of all beatings against Kerry just 10 weeks ago in a National League match, and in the build-up to this game, Read more about Mayo will have plenty to fear from Tyrone’s ‘Mentality Monsters’[…]

What do forwards need to do to get proper protection?

I’ve seen it often enough as a spectator and manager and have been on the receiving end of it numerous times as a player. But how many times do we see a forward getting sent off for lashing out at his opponent, having not received any type of protection from officials, which include umpires, linesmen Read more about What do forwards need to do to get proper protection?[…]

The Clash of the Ash – Kilkenny v Tipperary

While I played hurling in my underage days, I wont pretend to know a huge amount about the game. What I do appreciate though is the sheer pace and intensity of the games at this particular level. I enjoy watching the games from the semi-final stage on because this is when we witness the elite Read more about The Clash of the Ash – Kilkenny v Tipperary[…]

Gregory McCartan Interview – Credit, The Gaelic Life (Niall McCoy)

He’s man well known for not holding back on his opinions, and former Down star Greg McCartan spoke to Gaelic Life’s Niall McCoy about his memories of his career on and off the pitch   Niall McCoy: You’ve been based in London for a while now but for those that don’t know, can you just Read more about Gregory McCartan Interview – Credit, The Gaelic Life (Niall McCoy)[…]

My All-Star Selection

The All-Stars is always a topic that raises much debate this time of the year. The reason for the debate is that it is almost impossible to select the best 15 players in their positions for the year gone by without leaving out players that were just as good, if not better even in some Read more about My All-Star Selection[…]

The Pain of Losing Finals

Playing sport, one of the hardest things you have to face is losing in a final. It’s so tough because you experience a total change in emotions in such a short space of time and you can’t prepare yourself for it. You cannot go into a final expecting the worse. You have to be positive Read more about The Pain of Losing Finals[…]

The Greatest of all time

As a player, the one game I loved to play in most was always against Dublin. I have two main reasons for this. The first is because we had the upper hand on them in most of our matches and we just knew what it took to beat them. The second reason is simply because Read more about The Greatest of all time[…]