HOLD THE ROPE!!! (Powerful and inspirational story for your team) – CREDIT – Chris Fore

I came across this story called HOLD THE ROPE several years ago, and it became a major mantra for us during the 2005 Training Camp.  I rewrote and added some things to what I originally found. I went down to Home Depot, and bought a long rope.  I cut about a 5 inch piece off that rope Read more about HOLD THE ROPE!!! (Powerful and inspirational story for your team) – CREDIT – Chris Fore[…]

Top Mental Benefits of Sports

Overview You already know that sports are beneficial for your physical health. But there’s more good news. In recent years, research has also found that sport participation can positively affect your mental health. Here’s how. 1.  Sports improve your mood Want a burst of happiness and relaxation? Get involved in a physical activity. Whether you Read more about Top Mental Benefits of Sports[…]

John Morrison

On Tuesday last, a message was put into an Armagh WhatsApp group from Kieran Hughes notifying us of the untimely passing of John Morrison early that morning. To say that this was such a sad message to get was an understatement. Just a week previous John had sent me a photo message of his latest Read more about John Morrison[…]

Managing or Coaching – Be Creative

My motivation for my first blog of 2018 comes from the GAA Games Development Conference that was on last weekend in Croke Park. Another source of motivation for writing this piece is because a lot of club teams are starting to get back together now and new and existing managers and coaches are trying to plan the next 10 Read more about Managing or Coaching – Be Creative[…]